Byrnes: Management and the arts


Management and the arts af William J. Byrnes

ISBN: 978 0 240 81004 1

4. udgave, 2009


 “The core challenge for us arts managers is to deal with change: changing external environmental conditions, evolving styles and approaches to the arts by our artists, the advancements in how we present and distribute the art to our ever-changing audiences, and the shifting competition for resources and attention.”

Bogen Management and the Arts af William J. Byrnes er en teoretisk og praktisk indføring i en lang række interne og eksterne forhold, der vedrører dét at organisere, lede og drive en kunst- eller kulturorganisation i det 21. århundrede. Den er skrevet med udgangspunkt i amerikanske not-for-profit kulturorganisationer og den amerikanske underholdsningsindustri, men der er dog en lang række pointer, der er yderst relevante for den måde det danske og skandinaviske kulturliv er bygget op på.

“The only aspect of the process of creation, presentation, and preservation of art that has not changed since human life began is the inextinguishable impulse of artists to create. In spite of what naysayers have preached for years – that current economic or social conditions are not conductive to the creative process – artists continue to write, paint, sing, dance, sculpt, or act. As they always have. I´m convinced that the second-oldest profession on earth is that of artist. I also suggest that the third-oldest profession is that of arts manager.”

“Our responsibilities as arts managers within the not-for-profit sector are daunting. Internally, we are charged with providing and atmosphere for artists to develop and realize their visions with resources that would otherwise be unavailable – or, at least, greatly diminished – of left to the pressures of the traditional free-market system. Externally, we must bring audiences to the work in as effective and efficient a manner as possible, and to do so with them eager and well-prepared for those experiences.”